Why DeFiato?
What’s in it for you?
Staking and yield farming are great ways to maximize the crypto holdings that otherwise would be sitting in your account. To start earning, you just simply need to put your cryptos into the pools of your interest. Watch your crypto holdings increase, and grow them even further by compounding those future rewards!
Get started easily
No technical knowledge required. Enjoy a simple, intuitive interface, and guided implementation to earn rewards from your tokens.
Highest security
Guarantee to safeguard your fund deposits and make sure you earn rewards on time.
On-chain trading support
Allow mass users to trade tokens employing the so-called tax structure to the transactions (e.g., Safemoon, Reflection, etc.) to do so freely without technical barriers.
Make better decisions
We provide analytics and actionable token insights for you to make more informed decisions with your holdings.
Start earning rewards for your crypto holdings